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(mane-yee-wa, meaning “my eyes” in the African Fanti language)

Our name embodies what we envision for us all – The ability to behold the natural and often imperfect beauty that exists all around us. Manyiwa exists to share beauty from the African continent with the world and to act as a manifesto for all that is uniquely, fiercely, boldly and beautifully African. All our products are individually sourced from local artisans, each with their own individual stories but coming together to weave a vibrant exhibit to the world.

We at manyiwa believe in beauty of all forms and our mission, is to bring this beauty out into the light and shine a spotlight on it.

Through our eyes we see the world, through manyiwa I see the world. Go ahead and explore with us.


Over the past few years, we've collectively grown more and more conscious of what we eat and what goes into our bodies. My question was, if we are making all these changes to be healthier and kinder to our bodies, what about the stuff we absorb into our skin daily?

This spurred a lot of research into a clean moisturizer that was completely natural and beneficial to the skin. After lots of research, I came across shea butter and all its properties from protection from the elements, to reversing damage and indeed sun protection – all things that are very important to the skin’s overall health and aging. This is how manyiwa shea butter was born, out of a desire to do good for our skin and bodies and to see the overall results of the changes we are continuing to make for ourselves; through our eyes. 

Founder and Chief Natural Enthusiast
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